What’s this all about?

Daruma DollThe original Okiagari toy is said to have come from China during the Ming Dynasty between 1368-1644.  It is a toy that has been copied across the globe including in Japan (Daruma or Dharma Doll)  and more recently not least by Hasbro and their Weeble toys.

Oki Agari is from the Japanese meaning “Getup” and “Arise”, and is associated frequently with the Japanese phrase “Nanakorobi Yaoki” which loosely translates to “Seven times down, Eight times up”.

This is one of my main philosophies in life.  It doesn’t matter how many times life knocks you down, if you are able to stand-up at least one more time you might just get through this life without dying first.

So this is my third attempt at getting sorted with a Blog about me, my life, my thoughts and about the things that flit in and out of my life and the lives of those that touch me as and when things happen.

I’m outspoken, decisive and carry deep convictions to always get things right, which I’m afraid to say I don’t manage all the time.  I learn from my mistakes, and hope that people have the grace to forgive me when I’ve been an ass.  But I’ll always listen even if I sometimes don’t hear straight away, I’ll always investigate issues that give me doubt, and hopefully you’ll see that I might even have a funny side too.

Here goes nothing…….again.

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