Hey, no-one has the right to tell you that you can't be a little crazy sometime!
The writing is on the wall

Old Git Does Tech

The writing is on the wall

This is my tech channel.

It’s a collection of my Videos, most of which you can find on social media or Youtube, that explain the shit that is a little difficult or may just be completely crazy hard for people to understand/comprehend/bother about.

Let’s face it!  I’m a nerd at heart.

I used to get into trouble as a kid, taking things apart.  The problem is, when I put them back together again, they’d still work, sometimes better than they did before, and I’d end up with parts left over, which I either lost or used to make new things.

It helped me understand how things worked, why they broke, how to fix them and how everything hung together.

This served me well throughout my career(s), and I just thought, that maybe, it’s time to pass this crazy knowledge/interesting tips/useless information onto others.

Heck, I’m overqualified for most jobs and too damned old to worry about any more gongs on the wall, so what the heck.

Let’s do it.